Impact & Stories

  • 20%

    Students made a significant and substantial 20% gain in biotech learning

  • 80%+

    Over 80% of teachers reported greater interest, knowledge, and skills from their ABE training.

  • ~45%

    U.S. ABE schools that are serving low SES students.

See the 2013–2017 ABE Evaluation Report

Watch tomorrow's biotechnologists discuss their thoughts of the ABE program:

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What drives Ruchi Sureka to work every day is the impact of her work on society. A manufacturing manager at Amgen Singapore, Sureka oversees a team...
Munich, Germany
Reflecting on his educational and career path, Jörg Auernheimer, a global safety manager at Amgen in Munich, says that one of the biggest things he...
Andrea Seitz is working in her dream job. A medical communications team leader at Amgen in Munich, Seitz works to explain complex and important data...
Last year, Dr. Ponda Motsepe-Ditshego visited Holy Name of Mary College School, an all-girls high school in Mississauga, near Toronto, Canada. She...
Thousand Oaks
Time management, project management, people management, scientific literacy, medical writing, strategic thinking, strategic planning—these are all...
Thousand Oaks, CA
Michele Suleiman was always a good student and in honors classes. It wasn’t until freshman biology class and the Amgen Biotech Experience (ABE) with...
Total Student Participation
Teacher Participation for 2018-19 School Year