Impact & Stories

  • 20%

    Students made a significant and substantial 20% gain in biotech learning

  • 80%+

    Over 80% of teachers reported greater interest, knowledge, and skills from their ABE training.

  • ~45%

    U.S. ABE schools that are serving low SES students.

See the 2018 ABE Evaluation Report

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Brockton High School
Brockton, Massachusetts, USA
For almost half of his life, Dr. David Mangus worked as a research scientist. He loved working in the laboratory, trying to figure out how things...
Headshot for Henry Chou
South San Francisco, California
At the young age of 14, Henry Chou made a bold move – he left behind his immediate family in Taiwan to live with relatives in the United States in...
Headshot for Randall Chin
Los Angeles, California
From an early age Randall Chin knew he wanted to pursue a scientific career. Advanced Placement biology was his favorite subject. But, he wasn’t sure...
Headshot for Melissa Lurie
Thousand Oaks, California
While many young adults may go through a phase of self-discovery to figure out their true life passion, for Melissa Lurie, it took a single high...
Headshot for Angeline Marcks
Warwick, Rhode Island
Captain of her high school’s track and cross country teams, Angie Marcks had hopes of becoming a gym teacher, but that all changed when she...
Headshot for Kimberly Piper
Chelmsford, Massachusetts
With nearly 15 years of dancing under her belt, Kimberly Piper had hopes of one day joining the Boston Ballet – that is, until she took ABE during a...
Total Student Participation
Teacher Participation for 2017-18 School Year