2021–22 ABE Volunteer Program Launches

News Release
November 10, 2021

An Amgen volunteer (midde) visiting a classroom in Chelsea, Massachusetts, standing with the teacher (far left) and three students.

The ABE Volunteer Program (AVP) has just launched with a webinar for all Amgen staff at six participating Amgen sites across the country: Thousand Oaks, San Francisco, Tampa, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Washington, DC. The AVP offers a continuum of volunteering opportunities for staff, the most popular being the classroom visit, through which Amgen staff visit ABE teachers and students to share information about their careers in biotech. See the full continuum below:

Program History 

In 2018, the AVP was launched in the Greater Los Angeles area. Since that time, it has expanded to 6 Amgen locations (where ABE is offered). In January 2022, we plan to expand to four non-US locations: Ireland, United Kingdom, Singapore, and Australia. Our hope is to ultimately expand this program to all ABE program site locations worldwide.

AVP Goals

The AVP makes a positive difference in the world by aiming to reach the following goals:

  • ABE students gain access to a diverse set of role models for a range of biotech careers, real-world context for science content in the classroom, and opportunities to develop scientific literacy related to authentic biotech applications.
  • ABE teachers gain supports and resources that reduce barriers to student participation in biotech. 
  • Amgen staff increase their awareness of ABE and its local, regional, and global impact. 

Learn more about the AVP’s volunteer options through these blog posts and career profiles:

Blog Posts:

Career Profiles:

How to Volunteer

If you work at Amgen in any capacity in the participating locations, visit the Amgen volunteer portal

Not from Amgen but Want to Volunteer?

If you are a professional from an organization other than Amgen and you would like to volunteer to share your career story through classroom visits with ABE students, please contact the ABE program site closest to you.

Do You Want an Amgen Volunteer to Visit Your Classroom?

Contact your local ABE program site to find out more about bringing volunteers into your classroom to discuss their career paths and share a typical day in a biotech company.