ABE-LA Summer 2020 Virtual PDI #1: Virtual Instruction Using Lab Xchange

ABE-LA Summer 2020 Virtual PDI #1: Virtual Instruction Using Lab Xchange

Tuesday, August 4, 2020 - 10:00am to 11:30am
(Pacific Timezone)


Registration deadline:  July 31st, 2020  

Cost:  FREE!

General Goal: Present LabXchange as a platform for virtual instruction. 

Teachers will come away from the workshop with enough information and experience to successfully use LabXchange to deliver virtual instruction to their students. In addition, an overview of ABE specific resources will be covered.


  • Assignments for teachers any time prior to the workshop (approximately 30 - 45 minutes):

    • By using the “Instruction Sheet” (see attached), teachers MUST:

      • Register for LabXchange

      • Join the class “ABE-LA: Virtual Instruction Using LabXchange”

      • Preview the resources available on LabXchange


Eligibility:  All middle school and high school biology teachers in the greater LA area.

If the limit is reached, priority is given to the teachers who have attended the in person training at the ABE-LA PDI workshops in the past.

Please note that these workshops are NOT a replacement for in person ABE labs training. You need to attend one of the future PDI workshops in order to become an ABE teacher and receive the equipment/materials. 

We are planning to have our in person PDIs running post Covid-19!


Special Instructions: 

The Zoom meeting information will be sent out on August 1st only to the teachers who have registered.

File Attachment: