Voices from the Field

The impact of the ABE program has been profound, aiding teachers in bringing cutting-edge content to their classrooms and inspiring students to be empowered through biotechnology, catalyzing some students to pursue careers in the sciences.

Explore our blog posts and stories about the people who make ABE what it is and those who have been impacted by their ABE experiences.


Today, the Amgen Biotech Experience (ABE) kicks off a celebration of its 30th anniversary. To honor this milestone, we have created new content to...
In an era where a virus has upended our lives and harmed many, it’s easy to forget that viruses can also be a force for good. Researchers have...
When the Amgen Biotech Experience began in 1990, the Human Genome Project had just completed its initial planning for the 15-year effort to map all...

ABE Impact and Career Pathways Stories

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Alexandria, VA, USA
Vincent Tedjasaputra traces the start of his career to a single relationship: a bond he formed with his biology teacher in high school. He met Winnie...
Oak Park High School
Oak Park, CA, USA
When Winnie Litten first began teaching the Amgen Biotech Experience (ABE), the technology she was able to teach to her students was not yet even...
West High School
Torrance, CA, USA
In the spring of 2006, Ann Cortina drove 70 miles through Los Angeles area traffic to Newbury Park, Calif., to pick up the kits for a new biotech...
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