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Take a look at our press kit for resources and tips on how to prepare stories about the Amgen Biotech Experience (ABE). For program inquiries, contact Rebecca Lewis, Director, ABE Program Office, 617-969-7100 ext. 2935 or For media inquiries, contact Laoise O'Murchú, Amgen Foundation,

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News Release December 21, 2020
ABE Italy teachers and students at the Giacomo Leopardi High School in Recanati were filmed by RAI, the national television channel, as part of a...
News Release December 10, 2020
The ABE Program Office is pleased to announce the release of their latest high school biotechnology curriculum module: Clinical Trials: From Disease...
News Release November 12, 2020
The ABE Program Office is pleased to announce the launch of our new ABE Master Teacher Fellowship Program. The ABE Master Teacher Fellowship is...
Media Coverage October 14, 2020
Students from “Eastie High” are getting a cutting-edge education. “Students gain confidence to unleash their inner scientist,” says EBHS science...
News Release September 23, 2020
The Amgen Foundation has awarded the Carnegie Academy for Science Education (CASE) funding for the next three years. ABE-DC has established an...
News Release September 22, 2020
For 30 years, the Amgen Biotech Experience (ABE) has empowered secondary school science teachers to implement real-world biotechnology labs...
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