30 Years of ABE: In Gratitude for Our Teachers


30 Years of ABE: In Gratitude for Our Teachers

When Hugh Nelson began work as the first teacher ever for the Amgen Biotech Experience (ABE), he had a crash course in cutting-edge biotechnology. Nelson worked closely with Amgen scientist Rick Jacobsen to become an expert and train others in the lab curriculum and thus helped to found ABE, doing the first pilot of the program in 1990 at Newbury High School.

After teaching hundreds of students and training hundreds of other teachers how to teach ABE, Nelson has retired. Thirty years later, his legacy continues. Now, professional development institutes train teachers around the world to prepare them for teaching ABE—with more than 1,400 teachers each year bringing hands-on biotechnology to their students in 13 countries globally.

This Thanksgiving, we are grateful for all the educators who make this program possible.

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