Meet the Program Office Team

The Program Office serves as the administrative home for the Amgen Biotech Experience (ABE), providing technical assistance, developing resources, and supporting program sites and participating teachers. The Program Office manages communications and outreach and works alongside the Amgen Foundation to advance the ABE program.

The ABE Program Office is based at Education Development Center (EDC), a global nonprofit organization located outside Boston, Massachusetts. Learn more at For general inquiries about ABE, email For implementation support and lab technician troubleshooting, email

Rebecca Lewis

ABE Program Office Director

Rebecca provides leadership for the ABE Program Office, overseeing all aspects of the program and managing Program Office staff. She also manages program expansion and partner relationships.

Key Tasks and Areas of Focus:

  • Leadership and management
  • Partner relations
  • Program expansion

Courtney Arthur

Teaching and Learning Specialist

Courtney supports the ABE Program Office with curriculum development, co-leading the ABE Master Teacher Fellowship Program, and providing support for professional learning experiences across the network.

Key Tasks and Areas of Focus:

  • Development of professional learning support
  • Curriculum production and integration with LabXchange
  • Master Teacher Fellowship Program management and support

Kristen Bjork

ABE Content Development Director

Kristen is the lead content developer for ABE. She provides research and instructional design expertise.

Key Tasks and Areas of Focus:

  • Biotechnology content knowledge
  • Curriculum development
  • Technology integration

Libby Boghossian

ABE Resources Manager

Libby designs and develops multimedia resources to support the ABE program, manages curriculum and professional learning resources, and supports curriculum and professional learning. Libby can answer questions about ABE curriculum materials, pedagogical best practices for implementing ABE, and other ABE-related resources.

Key Tasks and Areas of Focus:

  • Curriculum development
  • Professional learning support
  • Resource management
Diane Courington

Diane Courington

ABE Community and STEM Partnerships Liaison

Diane supports new and existing ABE program sites in developing partnerships to reach underserved populations. She also leverages community assets, local and regional Black-led organizations and initiatives, and STEM partnerships to support and scale ABE.

Key Tasks and Areas of Focus:

  • Partnership Development
  • Site Support

Melody Hachey

Technology Associate

Melody supports the ABE Program Office through website development and technical assistance.

Key Tasks and Areas of Focus:

  • ABE program website technical support
  • ABE program site website technical support
Joseph Isaac

Joseph Isaac

ABE Director of Curriculum and Professional Learning

Joseph manages and helps develop science curriculum materials along with accompanying professional development materials and training focused on molecular biology and biotechnology for lower and upper secondary schools. He leads the team in conducting community needs assessments and conceptualizing, developing, and facilitating curriculum and professional learning resources. He also advises program management and project staff on innovative content and concepts.

Key Tasks and Areas of Focus:

  • Curriculum writing and development
  • Professional learning development and facilitation
  • Integration of culturally responsive and sustaining pedagogical approaches

Jennifer Jocz

ABE Evaluation Research Associate

Jennifer supports the evaluation efforts of the ABE Program Office. Jennifer can answer questions about data collection, reporting, and sharing of program outcomes.

Key Tasks and Areas of Focus:

  • Program evaluation
  • Data collection
  • Outcomes sharing

Jessica Juliuson

ABE Director of Community and Strategy

Jessica engages program sites and teachers in a global community of practice to innovate, improve, and sustain the ABE program. She supports the Program Office and program sites to collaborate in order to maximize resources, people, and ideas to improve outcomes for all ABE students.

Key Tasks and Areas of Focus:

  • Management of ABE communities of practice
  • Planning and facilitation of program meetings and cross-network events
  • Strategic planning and capacity building

Nevin Katz

Technical Lead

Nevin is the lead web developer for ABE. He leads maintenance of the ABE site, and helps the team make key decisions about ABE's web presence.

Key Tasks and Areas of Focus:

  • Web development
  • Technical project management

Silvia LaVita

ABE Program Office Coordinator

Silvia provides coordination for the ABE program and ABE Program Office activities. She tracks program site information, coordinates updates to promotional materials, and coordinates visits to ABE schools by legislators and policymakers.

Key Tasks and Areas of Focus:

  • Program coordination and planning
  • Promotional materials
  • School visit coordination

Sophia Mansori

ABE Evaluation Director

Sophia leads evaluation for the ABE program, supporting the Program Office and sites in documenting, understanding, and communicating the impact of ABE on teachers and students.

Key Tasks and Areas of Focus:

  • Program evaluation
  • Continuous improvement

Leana Nordstrom

ABE Coordinator

Leana coordinates global and regional network meetings and events. She is the liaison with vendors and the Amgen Surplus Asset Management (SAM) program. She is also part of the ABE website development team.

Key Tasks and Areas of Focus:

  • Event planning
  • SAM program and vendor liaison
  • Website design and maintenance lead

Kerry Ouellet

ABE Managing Editor

Kerry supports the ABE Program Office communications and outreach efforts through website content development, publication of monthly and quarterly newsletters, and dissemination of news and products via social media. She also manages the ABE Volunteer Program, which facilitates visits by Amgen volunteers to ABE classrooms to share information about careers in biotech with students.

Key Tasks and Areas of Focus:

  • Program communications, including newsletters and social media
  • Website design and management
  • ABE Volunteer Program coordination

Amy Uluyurt

Administrative Assistant

Amy provides administrative support to the ABE Program Office. She maintains records, makes travel and meeting arrangements, and processes invoices and reimbursements.

Key Tasks and Areas of Focus:

  • Primary contact for the ABEInfo email account
  • Administrative support
  • Event planning and logistics coordination

Jennifer Yurof

Online Resource Development Specialist

Jen supports the ABE Program Office in the development and coordination of online resources to support and enhance the curriculum. Jen can answer questions about the LabXchange program.

Key Tasks and Areas of Focus:

  • Curriculum and professional learning resource development and dissemination
  • Online communities of practice support
  • LabXchange and ABE program alignment coordination


Ronda Alexander

Equity, Access, and Engagement Liaison

Ronda is a collaborative leader dedicated to working with diverse communities as they align and leverage their resources towards transformational initiatives and goals. She is the founder and director of Global Reach Consulting, LLC, an organization focused on providing equity-based design and facilitation services.

Key Tasks and Areas of Focus:

  • Equity, access, and engagement working group lead
  • Facilitation
  • Systems change

Tara Bennett Bristow

Implementation and Technical Coordinator

Tara assists new ABE program sites with implementation and technical support. Alongside the Master Lab Technicians (MLTs), she works to optimize ABE laboratories and is available to consult with new program sites on the design and implementation of PDIs and of the ABE kit loan program.

Key Tasks and Areas of Focus:

  • Program implementation
  • Technical support
  • New ABE program site mentoring

Kristina Han

Master Lab Technician

Kristina is the site coordinator and lab technician for the ABE Canada site. Kristina works as one of the implementation support team members who ensures that ABE lab technicians have the support, resources, and guidance they need to effectively implement the ABE program. Kristina also mentors new ABE sites to ensure smooth onboarding.

Key Tasks and Areas of Focus:

  • Technical support
  • New site mentoring

Karin Steinhauer

Master Lab Technician

Karin has worked on the ABE program since 2005, and is ABE-Los Angeles’ Pierce College site coordinator and the senior lab technician for ABE LA. Karin is one of the implementation support team members who ensures that ABE lab technicians have the support, resources, and guidance they need to effectively implement the ABE program. Karin also mentors new sites to provide additional focused support during onboarding. She is responsible for coordinating the maintenance and delivery of the ABE plasmids and columns to ABE program sites.

Key Tasks and Areas of Focus:

  • Technical support
  • New site mentoring
  • ABE plasmid and column coordinator