Celebrating 1,000,000 ABE Students

Teacher Toolkit

ABE is celebrating an exciting milestone this year: reaching 1 million students! On 9 September 2024, the Amgen Foundation and the ABE Program Office will be promoting this event via social media and scheduled events. We invite you to help us celebrate on that day by offering you these online resources.

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What Does One Million Look Like?

It’s easy to say “1 million,” but what does a million really look like in the real world?


Our History

On 9 September 2024, ABE is celebrating reaching 1 million students—reflecting on the past, present, and future of this innovative program to bring hands-on biotechnology learning to secondary high school students. In 1990, leaders at Amgen set out to help teach high school students in their community about biotechnology. Using the latest tools and science, they created ABE. For 34 years, more than 3,600 science educators have participated in ABE, inspiring 1 million students around the globe. With the power of the free virtual lab experiences available on LabXchange, the impact of ABE continues to grow. Students and teachers now have more access to biotechnology than ever before.

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Teacher Appreciation

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the ABE educators for their unwavering dedication and tireless efforts over the past 34 years in fostering biotechnology education among countless students. Your commitment to bringing hands-on learning experiences and innovative curriculum materials into classrooms has been instrumental in shaping the next generation of scientists, researchers, and leaders in biotechnology. Your passion for education and your determination to make science accessible to all have truly made a difference in the lives of so many.

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Hear from other ABE educators in this video!


Show Off Your School and Students!

Take a photo—while holding one of these props—and share it! The photo can show your class in action, fellow ABE educators, or whatever you want! 

Download our printable photo props here!

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