ABE January 2024 Teacher Roundtable

ABE January 2024 Teacher Roundtable

ABE January Teacher Roundtable - Master Teacher Fellowship Projects: Designing Resources to Facilitate Student Understanding of Biotechnology

Are you looking for dynamic teacher-created resources to engage your students in biotechnology? If so, please join us for our second installment of the roundtable series as we welcome two outstanding ABE Master Teacher Fellows, Ingeborg Van der Neut and Dr. Declan Cathcart to hear how experienced science educators are using biotechnology resources with their students. Our speakers will share their unique ABE curriculum projects and discuss how these projects not only support the ABE curriculum but provide pathways to increase student engagement.


Dr. Declan Cathcart, ABE Master Teacher Fellow and Lecturer in Science and Maths Education, University College Dublin 

Dr. Declan Cathcart is a biology teacher at Temple Carrig School, Greystones and a part-time lecturer in science education at University College, Dublin, where he emphasises active inquiry-based learning and structured problem-solving approaches.  He is also the author of two secondary science textbooks and has written numerous articles for science education periodicals.  Declan first became involved with ABE Ireland in 2015 and was among the first cohort of ABE Master Teacher Fellows in 2020.  With the support of ABE, Declan has developed a number of hands-on biotech laboratory modules.  He has also shared his MTF labs by delivering various CPD workshops for teachers in Ireland and various other European countries. 

Ingeborg Van der Neut, ABE Master Teacher Fellow and teacher trainer at Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Representing ABE The Netherlands, Ingeborg Van der Neut has been teaching biology at a pre-university level for about 25 years and still loves it! In the classroom, she tries to make the brains of her students work as hard as they can, and she hopes to learn a few tricks in teaching biotechnology in this program. 




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