ABE June 2023 Teacher Roundtable

ABE June 2023 Teacher Roundtable

ABE June Teacher Roundtable - Promoting Lower Secondary Biotech Engagement Through ABE

Join us for a Roundtable Discussion on expanding ABE to lower secondary students!

ABE has been a transformative experience for secondary students all over the world for decades. But how do we introduce biotech concepts to younger students? Join us for a panel discussion with Kaitlyn Kalehuawehe, a recent graduate student working with ABE Kentucky; Marlene Barrientos, a teacher from ABE Rhode Island; and Jenny Frank, Head of Educator Programming and Engagement at LabXchange, as they share strategies and resources for engaging younger students in hands-on biotech experiences.

Don't miss this chance to connect with other educators and gain new insights on how to adapt and expand your ABE offerings. Register today!



Jennifer Conklin-Frank, LabXchange
Jenny Frank is the head of educator programming & engagement at Harvard University VPAL's LabXchange, where she supports science educators globally through customized training and professional learning programs. Previously, Jenny served as the director of educational programs in New York and has also worked as an elementary principal, professional developer and trainer, secondary science teacher, and for the Buffalo Zoo as a program coordinator. With her broad experience, Jenny brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise from the education sector.


Kaitlyn Kalehuawehe, ABE Kentucky

Kaitlyn Kalehuawehe recently graduated from Bellarmine University in Louisville, KY. As a biology major, Kaitlyn has a deep love and appreciation for science and the wonders it can show us. For her Honors Undergraduate Thesis, she collaborated with ABE to bring labs into middle school classrooms. Through exposure to laboratory equipment instruction combined with a socio-scientific perspective, students changed their outlook on science. It was an incredible experience that would not have been possible without the help and mission of Amgen. Kaitlyn’s goal is to help more students enjoy science, see how it impacts their daily lives, and feel like true scientists.


Marlene Barrientos, ABE Rhode Island

Marlene Barrientos teaches 8th-grade science at J. F. Deering Middle School since changing careers from academic research.  She is also an immigrant that firmly believes that education opens many opportunities.  She is passionate about instilling a love for learning and providing authentic science-related experiences for students.

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