ABE March 2024 Teacher Roundtable

ABE March 2024 Teacher Roundtable

ABE March Teacher Roundtable - Sharing Best Practices for Exploring Precision Medicine in ABE

Are you looking for dynamic teacher-created resources to engage your students in biotechnology? If so, please join us for our second installment of the roundtable series as we welcome two outstanding ABE Master Teacher Fellows, Ingeborg Van der Neut and Dr. Declan Cathcart to hear how experienced science educators are using biotechnology resources with their students. Our speakers will share their unique ABE curriculum projects and discuss how these projects not only support the ABE curriculum but provide pathways to increase student engagement. Are you interested in implementing the ABE curriculum module Exploring Precision Medicine, but unsure about where to start? If you want your students to explore the relationship between genetics and precision medicine and hear how others have successfully completed the EPM module, please join us for the March Roundtable Series where educators from ABE The Netherlands and ABE Italy share successes and challenges experienced during implementation of the Exploring Precision Medicine curriculum. 


Melanie Rosenhart, Project Manager and ABE Site Coordinator, ABE The Netherlands

 Melanie Rosenhart obtained her bachelor's degree in Biology from VU University before pursuing a master's degree in Forensic Science at the University of Amsterdam. During her master's program, she discovered a passion for science education, which led her to work as a student assistant at the DNA-labs on the Road, conducting Forensic DNA research 'Puzzling with Peaks' at various schools across the Netherlands.

Melanie's interest in forensic research dates back to her high school years when she undertook a research project in the field. After completing her master's degree in 2012, she embarked on a career at both the Netherlands Forensic Institute in the human biology department and the University of Amsterdam, where she coordinated the DNA-lab on the Road.

Since 2020, Melanie has served as the project leader of the Reizende DNA labs & ABE Nederland at VU Amsterdam. She finds fulfillment in inspiring students and teachers in the realm of science through various avenues, including teacher training, masterclasses, Science Labs, and supervising school research projects. Outside of work, Melanie enjoys spending quality time with her boyfriend and their two children, indulging in activities such as field hockey, snowboarding, and exploring wildlife during her travels.

Silvia Bellocchio, ABE Educator, ABE Italy

After graduating in Biology in 1994 from the University of Perugia, Umbria-Italy, Silvia Bellocchio earned a doctorate in medical histology and embryology from the University of Ferrara, Italy, and a specialization in medical virology from the University of Perugia. For 15 years, she dedicated herself to research in Italian university laboratories, primarily focusing on immunology during her tenure as a PhD student.

In 2008, Silvia transitioned to teaching, initially in high schools. Presently, she serves as a Science educator at the “G.Marconi” Scientific High School in Foligno, Umbria, Italy. Her passion for research and her commitment to instilling a love for science in her students led her to engage with the ABE community, where she discovered invaluable support for her teaching endeavors and avenues for professional development. Silvia currently holds the role of ambassador and trainer for ABE Italy.




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