ABE March Roundtable: Peer Models for ABE Teachers

ABE March Roundtable: Peer Models for ABE Teachers

ABE March Roundtable: Peer Models for ABE Teachers

Join us at our next Roundtable on 28 March at 16:00 UTC as we learn about how teachers in ABE Italy and ABE Türkiye collaborate and use peer models to learn from one another's science instruction. ABE Italy and ABE Türkiye will share how they utilize videos to observe and give feedback and share ideas on how others can do the same. In addition, the sites and their teachers will share strategies for implementing their own inquiry lessons as part of their community of practice. Sign up now and be a part of this great discussion!

Panelists Include:

Dr. Elif Adıbellі Şahіn, Site Director, ABE Türkiye – Elif holds a BS degree in Elementary Science Education with a minor in Mathematics from the Middle East Technical University in Türkiye. She also received her MS degree in Elementary Science Education from the same university. She received her PhD degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on Science Education and Educational Psychology from the University of Nevada. She currently works as an education expert in the Development Workshop. Her fields of interest include science education, nature of science, environmental education, teacher professional development, inquiry based science education, teacher beliefs, and critical thinking.

Gülşah Özkan İnal, Site Coordinator, ABE Türkiye – Gülşah holds a BS and MS degree in Elementary Science and Mathematics Education from Middle East Technical University. She is currently a doctoral student in Educational Administration and Planning Program at Middle East Technical University in Türkiye. She is a freelance education expert working in the Development Workshop. She works in the fields of  science education, teacher professional development, school climate, education management, vocational education, critical thinking, and inquiry based science education. 

Dr. Anna Pascucci, Site Director ABE Italy – Anna holds a PhD in Molecular Biology and in Science Education. In addition to being the site director for ABE Italy, she is the co-director of the International School in Science Education at the Ettore Majorana Foundation and Centre for Scientific Culture. Anna is a supervisor at Interuniversity School of Specialization in Teaching of the University of Naples Federico II, an evaluator for the National Institute for the Evaluation of the Educational System of Education and Training, and a UNESCO consultant for educational projects. She has led several national and European projects for the professional development of science teachers and trainers on IBSE, collaborating with many scientific and educational institutions.

Dr. Luigina Renzi, Site Coordinator ABE Italy – Luigina holds a PhD, and is a teacher, teacher trainer, and board member of National Association of Science Teacher (ANISN). Since 2015, she has been the representative for Italy in the expert panel for biology within the Baccalaureate exam in European Schools. After receiving her doctoral degree at the University of Padua and post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Virginia, she worked as a research associate at ENEA and at the University of Rome La Sapienza. She has authored 20 peer-reviewed articles.

Dr. Chiara Garulli, ABE Ambassador, ABE Italy – Chiara Garulli holds a PhD in Molecular Biology. She is a science Teacher, member of the National Association of Science Teachers (ANISN). Chiara is a trainer, member of the Professional Development team, and regional coordinator in the Marche region for ABE Italy. She has collaborated on several national and international projects in Science Education. Her background is in molecular and applied biology, achieving a post-doctoral fellowship from Umberto Veronesi Foundation.

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