ABE May 2023 Teacher Roundtable

ABE May 2023 Teacher Roundtable

ABE May Teacher Roundtable - Strengthening Career Connections through ABE

Join us for a Roundtable Discussion on Connecting Students to Career Skills and Pathways!

Are you an ABE teacher looking for new ways to help your students succeed beyond the classroom? Join us for a roundtable discussion where ABE teachers Wendy Wooten, David Upegui, and Laurie Jackson-Grusby and share examples from their own classrooms of how they have worked to connect their students to career skills and pathways.

During this interactive session, you'll have the opportunity to:

  • Hear from fellow ABE educators about their successful strategies for integrating career skills into their ABE curriculum
  • Learn about resources and tools that can help you bring career readiness into your classroom


Dr. Laurie Jackson-Grusby, ABE Massachusetts

Laurie Jackson-Grusby teaches biotechnology at Brockton High School (BHS) since changing careers from academic biomedical research. She serves as the academic lead for the MLSC-sponsored Apprenticeship Program and the DESE-sponsored Innovation Pathway in Healthcare at BHS. 

Dr. David Upegui, ABE Rhode Island

David Upegui completed his doctoral degree in education at the University of Rhode Island. He is a Latino immigrant who found his way out of poverty through science. He serves as a science teacher at Central Falls High School and as an adjunct professor of Education. His inclusive approach to science education enables students to become problem-solvers and innovative thinkers. He received the NABT’s Outstanding Biology Teacher Award (2021) and the Evolution Education Award (2014) as well as the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching in 2019. Upegui runs the school's Science Olympiad team and has contributed to several publications on science education and appropriate pedagogy.

Dr. Wendy Wooten, ABE Greater Los Angeles

Wendy Wooten is a science (biology, chemistry, and physics) and CTE (biotechnology and engineering) teacher with over 40 years of teaching experience. She is passionate about providing current, authentic experiences for students to help them become the future leaders in STEM.

Don't miss this chance to connect with other educators and gain new insights on how to help your students thrive in the workforce. Register today!

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