ABE Appreciation: Charissa Lin, ABE Singapore


ABE Appreciation: Charissa Lin, ABE Singapore

Meet one of our most passionate and innovative ABE community members. Working with her team at Singapore’s Science Centre, Charissa Lin is the team’s program manager, tirelessly conducting outreach and support in the midst of a continuously changing education landscape. Charissa collaborates with the ABE Singapore team to develop and adapt innovative and diverse curriculum materials such as the ABE Express workshop model and ABE: Developing a Scientist’s Mind. (Learn more about their unique program offerings.)

Charissa also has dedicated time to be part of the ABE Scientific Inquiry working group, attending one of the last face-to-face program meetings before the pandemic to help the Program Office reimagine ABE for the next grant cycle to integrate more flexible and cutting-edge resources. We are grateful for Charissa’s keen eye for how to adapt and differentiate curriculum to engage students, as well as her cheerful smile and incredible ability to generate new ideas and approaches to science education.


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