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An Alumnus Reflects on the Relationship That Would Spark His Career

August 21, 2020

"Getting people to understand why science is important early is critical to the survival of our country now." Vincent Tedjasaputra traces the start…

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ABE Reignites Interest in Science for Teachers and Students

May 15, 2015

"ABE enables teachers to have their "own experience" including reflections and understandings." Huw Williams never intended to become a high school…

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Growing a Regional Program and Making a Lasting Impact

June 9, 2020

"Each time I attend one of the all-ABE site meetings hosted by the Program Office, I look around and feel extremely proud to be part of this amazing…

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It's All About the Students

January 29, 2020

"They come away understanding that as long as they learn how to use the equipment, they are modeling what a real scientist actually does." In her…

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Reflections on 24 Years of Teaching ABE

May 5, 2015

"You might just light a fire in a student that didn’t think they could do science before, and that kid could solve a problem that we desperately…

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Reflecting on 30 Years of Evolution and Gratitude in Teaching Biotechnology

July 29, 2020

"This program gives me the distinct privilege of watching the pride on my students’ faces as they learn pipetting techniques, cutting, ligating,…

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Reflecting on a Career of Coaching and Cell Farming

September 27, 2019

"If you had asked me in elementary school or high school, or even early in college, what manufacturing was, I would have maybe thought of an assembly…

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Analyzing Our Genes to Pinpoint Disease

May 15, 2021

You may never have heard of her, but Dr. Mary-Claire King is a significant name when it comes to the study of genetics. King was born in 1946 in…

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