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Puerto Rico Science Teachers from the Southern Region Participate in Biotechnology Workshop

Teachers Participating in Biotech Training

Translated by DeepL; Originally Published in La Perla del Sur

The teacher workshop covers the topics of Fundamentals of Biotechnology and Experimental Biotechnology. Under these topics, teachers have the opportunity, in a real laboratory environment, to perform experiments on restriction enzyme cutting, protein cloning and purification, and the use of laboratory techniques.

Teachers who participate in the educational workshops receive a certificate of contact hours as part of their academic and professional development.

At the workshop, Yaira González and Valery Hernández, associates of the biomanufacturing company Amgen, gave the teachers a talk on the topic "Biotechnology and Future Innovation."

It should be noted that for the past 15 years, the Amgen Biotech Experience program has impacted more than 600 teachers and educators in the area of science and 70,000 students throughout the island.

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